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Black Black $3.50
White White $3.50
Chrome Chrome $3.50
Dark grey Dark grey $3.50
Middle grey Middle grey $3.50
Light grey Light grey $3.50
Creme Creme $3.50
Dark skin Dark skin $3.50
Light skin Light skin $3.50
Yellow Yellow $3.50
Light orange Light orange $3.50
Orange Orange $3.50
Red Red $3.50
Dark red Dark red $3.50
Burgundy red Burgundy red $3.50
Brown Brown $3.50
Light blue Light blue $3.50
Vivid blue Vivid blue $3.50
Sky blue Sky blue $3.50
Navy blue Navy blue $3.50
Teal Teal $3.50
Turquoise Turquoise $3.50
Mint green Mint green $3.50
Light green Light green $3.50
Middle green Middle green $3.50
Forest green Forest green $3.50
Dark green Dark green $3.50
Yellow green Yellow green $3.50
Pistachio green Pistachio green $3.50
Olive green Olive green $3.50
Purple Purple $3.50
Night purple Night purple $3.50
Dark purple Dark purple $3.50
Light pink Light pink $3.50
Pink Pink $3.50
Magenta Magenta $3.50


Simply known as Kolour, this is a very generic spray paint and it looks very similar to the stuff you can find in any kind of convenience or hardware store. It’s not meant to be cutting-edge or top-notch quality because it’s easily affordable and it’s meant to be disposable. This is a great can for those trying to learn how to spray paint since they’re so cheap and they’re not hard to control at all. They offer a pretty decent range of spray but the paint quality isn’t the best. It’s not for detailed jobs, just simple things or practicing your art.

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