MTN Pocket

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RV 9010/White RV 9010/White $4.25
RV 1021/Light yellow RV 1021/Light yellow $4.25
RV 3020/Light red RV 3020/Light red $4.25
RV 30/Electric blue RV 30/Electric blue $4.25
Silver chrome Silver chrome $4.25
RV 9011/Black RV 9011/Black $4.25


The MTN pocket is for the artist on the go and someone who needs something that’s accurate, yet small enough to fit inside of their pocket, hence the name. The MTN pocket is a great paint spray can that features a small nozzle that allows you for better control of what you’re painting. There’s a valve in this can that allows for quick jobs, which is perfect for people on the go. You can also control the quantity of the paint coming out via the valve, which is great for optimized flow and making sure you use just enough.

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