Ironlak 400ml

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Field Field $4.50
Huey Huey $4.50
Swamp Swamp $4.50
Askew's olivia Askew's olivia $4.50
Guacamole Guacamole $4.50
Ewok's Froggy Ewok's Froggy $4.50
Squelch Squelch $4.50
Vans kryptonite Vans kryptonite $4.50
Nitro Nitro $4.50
Mustard Mustard $4.50
Keen Keen $4.50
Banos asbestos Banos asbestos $4.50
Marsh Marsh $4.50
Matt black Matt black $4.50
Roarke(Black) Roarke(Black) $4.50
Lazy grey Lazy grey $4.50
Melbourne Melbourne $4.50
Battleship Battleship $4.50
Washington Washington $4.50
Hitachi Hitachi $4.50
Smoulder Smoulder $4.50
Aspen Aspen $4.50
Appliance white Appliance white $4.50
Gold Gold $4.50
Two cents Two cents $4.50
Bright chrome Bright chrome $4.50
Silver Silver $4.50
Fluoro green Fluoro green $4.50
Fluoro red Fluoro red $4.50
Fluoro Pink Fluoro Pink $4.50
Fluoro orange Fluoro orange $4.50
Fluoro yellow Fluoro yellow $4.50
Techie black Techie black $4.50
Techie white Techie white $4.50
Tar black Tar black $4.50
Tar White Tar White $4.50
Clear Clear $4.50


The Ironlak 400ML is an easily affordable spray paint that’s highly efficient at a lot of different jobs. This is all in thanks to the very vivid and bright colors the spray has to offer, the large coverage that the spray gives the user and the easy control you have over your spray. It’s relatively easy to hold, to spray, to control and it’s a great value, coming in as one of the cheapest spray paints out there. This spray paint is done with a gloss finish and it’s environmentally friendly. It has extremely low toxicity levels and it dries insanely fast.

Product specifications:

  • Solvent based acrylic
  • New reduced odor
  • Superior coverage
  • Vibrant color
  • Low toxicity
  • Lightfast
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