Loop Maxi 600ml

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Lp-415 Maxi White Lp-415 Maxi White $9.50
Lp-416 Maxi Black Lp-416 Maxi Black $9.50
Lp-417 Maxi Valencia Lp-417 Maxi Valencia $9.50
Lp-418 Maxi   Rosendhal Lp-418 Maxi Rosendhal $9.50
Lp-419 Maxi Liverpool Lp-419 Maxi Liverpool $9.50
Lp-420 Maxi Dundalk Lp-420 Maxi Dundalk $9.50
Lp-421 Maxi Porto Lp-421 Maxi Porto $9.50
Lp-422 Maxi   Mora Lp-422 Maxi Mora $9.50
Lp-423 Maxi Lens Lp-423 Maxi Lens $9.50
Lp-424 Maxi Lucca Lp-424 Maxi Lucca $9.50
Lp-425 Maxi Brest Lp-425 Maxi Brest $9.50
Lp-426 Maxi Leeds Lp-426 Maxi Leeds $9.50
Lp-427   Maxi Perugia Lp-427 Maxi Perugia $9.50
Lp-428 Maxi Malmo Lp-428 Maxi Malmo $9.50
Lp-429 Maxi Bergamo Lp-429 Maxi Bergamo $9.50
Lp-433 Maxi Madrid Lp-433 Maxi Madrid $9.50
Lp-434 Maxi   San Francisco Lp-434 Maxi San Francisco $9.50


For the professional painters, this is one of the best spray cans to have in your arsenal. It’s not the easiest to control but it’s highly accurate and it provides a great coverage for maximum flow and efficiency. If you need to do some writing, this is one of the best spray cans on the market. This is more for soft graffiti and not for intricate designs or artist depictions like some of our other products can handle. The pressure isn’t too intense and feels just right as the paint is coming out of the valve.