Mtn MadMaxx

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Black Black $12.00
Silver Silver $12.00
White White $12.00
Guacamole green Guacamole green $12.00
Electric blue Electric blue $12.00
Carbon black Carbon black $12.00
Titanium white Titanium white $12.00
Neutral gray Neutral gray $12.00
Emerald green Emerald green $12.00
Azo yellow deep Azo yellow deep $12.00
Fluorescent yellow Fluorescent yellow $12.00
Matt white Matt white $12.00
Matt black Matt black $12.00
Wolf Grey Wolf Grey $12.00
Shadow Black Shadow Black $12.00
Pearl grey Pearl grey $12.00
Divinity wait Divinity wait $12.00
Madrid red Madrid red $12.00
Soviet red Soviet red $12.00
Paris green Paris green $12.00


For people who are still looking for more over the Maximo lineup, there’s the new Madmaxx. Madmaxx lives up to the name as one of the largest spray paint cans available. It has a very wide spray range and there is a bit of color variables available for this spray. It comes with the 2G color formula and this spray can is perfect for those quick fills or large areas that you need to cover up. It may not be the best for the fine detail paint jobs but it can fill an area quick and efficiently.