Mtn Megacolors 600ml

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EX0161021/Light Yellow EX0161021/Light Yellow $10.00
EX0160219/París Green EX0160219/París Green $10.00
EX0160225/Geisha Violet EX0160225/Geisha Violet $10.00
EX0162003/Pastel Orange EX0162003/Pastel Orange $10.00
EX0160034/Guacamole Green EX0160034/Guacamole Green $10.00
EX0160216/Anonymous Violet EX0160216/Anonymous Violet $10.00
EX0163020/Light Red EX0163020/Light Red $10.00
EX0160008/Light Blue EX0160008/Light Blue $10.00
EX0169010/White EX0169010/White $10.00
EX0164010/Magenta EX0164010/Magenta $10.00
EX0160030/Electric Blue EX0160030/Electric Blue $10.00
EX0169011/Balck EX0169011/Balck $10.00


If you need more, then 600ML should definitely be enough to satisfy whatever painting needs you have. The performance of this spray can is marvelous and it lasts a very long time. The speed of this spray is very high-speed, so it’s probably not the most optimal for beginners but it’s not hard to control. It’s great at spraying bright colors quickly, allowing you to create the perfect blend of colors for your art. It dries incredibly fast, so you will able to see your work come to life in real time, without all of the unnecessary waiting.

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